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Асфарма-Рос Asfarma

О компании

Asfarma International Pharma Marketing has been established in Baku. Main operation of Asfarma is marketing of branded generic pharmaceuticals of various manufacturers. Currently, Asfarma has operations in six countries including Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Moldova and Kazakhstan.

Asfarma makes ethical marketing of pharmaceuticals all of which are branded generic products. Most of the products are under brands owned by Asfarma. Main marketing principle of Asfarma is to realize 1:1 calls with medical doctors to advertise products to them and to generate prescriptions. Marketing staff of Asfarma is totally comprised of experts including physicians, pharmacists, chemists and similar related professionals. Asfarma employs some 500 marketing people in seven countries. All of the job applicants qualify to be employed after a training period held in Asfarma.

Asfarma enforces ethical standards strictly in its marketing practices. All of the products hold GMP quality standards.

Asfarma has achieved a very good reputation among the partners and has built credibility during the past years that makes Asfarma an ideal partner for manufacturers.


To contribute to the public health and to the business partners by implementing ethical and creative marketing programs in Russian-speaking countries.


To get stronger to maintain the market leadership in current markets and to extend it to other Russian speaking countries by adding high quality and modern products of reliable producers to the Asfarma’s product portfolio.